Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pisser Assassin - Animatic 01

1- The story plot has been well established; Now I know how the story and animation is going to proceed
2- Next I need to do the scene layout, this includes Lighting to make it render ready
3- I will be changing some of the Sound Effects for better ones, as some are only temporary
4- After spending quite sometime on the final animatic, I did notice the timing can definitely be shortened on certain shots
5- I'm not entirely sure about the last shot (#24) after the ending credits. If anyone else has better ideas, feel free to share or suggest a change
6- Last, the name of this short will be Pisser Assassin

If you're a ninja fan like me, then you should be able to know what title the BG music is originaly from  ^_^

Please share your feedback and critiques if you have any.

Until next time,

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